“Old Gray”
better known as
Director of security and varmint control”


On several ventures into the woods for parts and firewood, Old Gray was observed.

It wasn’t afraid of people, just wanted to keep a reasonable distance and observe.

Now what other Linotype parts department has a 25 lb. “watch cat?”

Digging out parts in Denmark is more entertaining than sending a parts order to

Linotype Company
531 Plymouth Court, Chicago, Il.
  (which went out of business in 1980)

531 Plymouth Court now contains condos.
[there was a Linotype in the lobby about 15 years ago]

                                                                       Wisconsin Jer














Matrix teeth, ears, toes, font slot and
         mixer notch cutting machine

Hardware store key cutting machine does the same with keys.

Clamp template matrix into #2 position. Teeth, font slots or mixer bridge notch, depending how matrix is clamped, are read via #1 cutting guide.

Clamp matrix to be cut into position #3 – teeth cutting or #4 – font slot & mixer notch cutting.

Handle below clamps raises (upward)  matrix holding assembly which pivots on shaft. Assembly slides left/right on shaft for different cuts. Upper clamp #6 holds matrix –  cutting ears and toes.

Operator determines position and thickness of cuts via #7 adjustment.

Same cut blade #6 is also used for #4 position, font or notch cutting.

In 1968 – machine sold for approx. $375.00 (made in Switzerland) A 1/8 hp. motor was used to drive fly wheel (right end).

























Future Typesetters/Printers of America”
Laura (left) and Bethany attend Unv. of Iowa, Iowa City – both partake in operations at The  Historical Printing Studio located on campus in Iowa City.




Dean: Larry and Bethany, (red apron) appeared on a ladder changing wires in the electric power service box. Must have been ok. Everything worked great!

Seems her mother sent her off to this midwest institution (Iowa State Uv.) of higher education in fine arts.
At Univ. Iowa, Bethany discovered: Linotypes, Ludlow, Heidelberg Windmills, Ink, Dirt along with clutch leathers, clutch handle, vise automatic, mold disk dog, vertical lever, distributor box, assembler, star wheel, mouthpiece, print metal, pigs, pig feeder, picas, points, reglets, slugs , leads, Quoin keys plus 220 volt AC electric.